If you love pancakes as much as we do,
we want you as our partner!

Paddington House of Pancakes is a fast-growing, value-driven, full dining specialty pancake restaurant concept that serves pancakes from all over the world. While we are a multi-unit chain restaurant concept, our restaurants do not have the cookie cutter feel.

They share a common identity, but as each location and country is unique in format, size, and culture, we allow franchisees some degree of flexibility to add their own cultural input into the overall design of their own outlet, giving it character and a more distinctive look and feel. Each outlet has a different ambiance to suit its target market. Available are a few different colour schemes, floor plans, and design prototypes that franchisee can use as a guide for designing their own store.

Our franchisee is our business. While our unique and comprehensive pancake menu has proven to be the most successful aspect of our concept, we are also sensitive to local tastes and lifestyles. Our international franchisees are allowed to submit menu ideas to us through our R&D submission program. Our R&D Department will consider all requests and will approve new menu items based on their strategic enhancement to our brand as well as their fit to the local culture. Download our little black book and learn more about our franchise opportunities today.